Artwork Prices

Artwork design at Print Anything is FREE so long you print your project with us. If you wish to no longer print with us, or you require sample designs, or want a copy for your records, there is a minimum charge of ₦5,000 per design, as well as an additional charge specified below.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment for design is required before the artwork is carried out. If a deadline for artwork has been agreed when ordering, the artwork must be paid for by 10.00am that day. Failure to do this will result in the deadline being missed.

A-Board Posters

Poster  ₦2500.00

Appointment Cards

Cards    ₦3000.00

Business Cards

2 Sides      ₦3000.00

Note & Desk Pads

1 Side    ₦3000.00


1 Side      ₦4000.00


7 Pages  ₦2000.00
13 Pages  ₦4000.00

Christmas Cards

1 Side    ₦2500.00

Compliment Slips

1 Side      ₦2000.00

Leaflets & Flyers

Leaflet  ₦3000.00


1 Side    ₦4000.00


1 Side    ₦3000.00

Greeting Cards

1 Side      ₦2500.00


1 Side      ₦3000.00


Poster  ₦2500.00

Roller Banners

1 Side    ₦4000.00

If minor changes to existing artwork are required, please contact one of our sales representatives to receive a quote.

If you require more than one design to be made please contact one of our sales representatives to receive a quote. We charge ₦30,000.00 for our logo design services; for the first 3 proofs. We then charge ₦8000.00 an hour for any changes after that.

Please Note: once you’ve paid your initial design fee, please beware it may take 24 – 48 hours for you to receive your initial design.

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